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On this page is where you will find the different types of vehicles and there brochures that I can handle and provide for your different businesses. Look here to find what you think would be right for your company then contact me or my associates to set up a meeting online or in office to discuss your exact requirements for the vehicle or vehicles. Whether you need one or many of the same thing or different types for different purposes we can help you find them and get them at the best possible cost.

Our first Franchise of vehicles are Chevrolet.  I can help your company with any type of Chevy product on the market from Cars to Trucks. Within the trucks I can set them up in any type of configuration from standard vans and pick/ups to chassis cabs for box trucks and dumps and landscaping to roofing and Boom trucks. You name it We can help you build it and get to work.

The next Franchise available to our group for vehicles that can be of use for any type of business is Chrysler From the chrysler 200 to the Chrysler Town and Country there are vehicles that may meet your requirements that you might not have thought of for one reason or another. Again fleet options are available as well as regular commercial options too. Here you are limited to vehicle setups and equipment options but you still might have a fit for salespeople and executives that might be entitled to some type of vehicle or to fit a company image.
Yes if we carry Chrysler we do carry Dodge products as well much more flexible line up of vehicles to help a new or established company provide the needed wheels to move it's company down the business highway of sales calls and meetings and deliveries possibally.  Check out the vehicles at or
             Ford cars and trucks some of the most used vehicles by fleets and companies in America. I can provide you direct access to these vehicles. Available for any kind of work just like Chevy. Many vehicles to select from Very good Fleet options for Corporations, Not-for -profits & Municipalities in the region. As with Our Chevy Brand I can help you find the right configuration in a truck as well as cars to supply for managers and forman and everyone and every job on the road today. Check it out at
Looking or thinking about Foriegn automakers we have some of the best and the up and coming Franchises in the United States Today. Check out the vehicles they have to offer right here and I can help you figure out the best models that maybe able to suit your needs. Down fall to some of these manufacturers is they have no real fleet support program or corporate incentives but we will do our best getting the best deal possible if the vehicle you need for the company is here.
Need Suv's mainly for the company then the Franchise you need and we have is of course the company that invented the 4x4 vehicle
We have the whole line up available for all your company needs from off road ranger and park services to line work in the mountains. Or do you just need to be able to be on the move in the Snow, rain, mud,or on the range. Need special designs then You have the perfect place to start your SUV hunt for the right vehicle. Not sure then check out or and
No cars no suv's just a good truck you looked at Chevy and Ford what else do I offer? Well it is funny you should ask because we have the well
 established guts and glory truck the . Any configuration from basic Pick-up to Chassis with all types of bodies to go to work.  Including the all new Ram Pro Master Vans & C/V tradesman mini cargo van . Just take a look at or 
Not liking what we have so far to offer in way of fleet and corporate choices for cars,trucks,and suv's then consider our  vehicle line up as another alternative.  Strong Franchise of vehicles proven in the Ameriacan market good Fleet and coprorate programs. Good selection of cars, Suv's and pickup trucks no chassis or boxtrucks in the line up. But the thundra has some box delete options that might allow set up for service bodies on the market today.
Here is the list of body companies used by our company to supply the best possible set-up for the best price. we use them as well as for our Chevy and Ford box truck and Tradesman truck bodies and any specialty bodies in the box truck family a company may be needing.
for service bodies and the like we use we can work closely with any of our suppliers to help create the right vehicle to fit the budget and get the job done. All we need is a chance to show you What I can do for your organization.
We use only the best upfitters around;  QCD Graphics,  The Welding shop(Einstein's Auto)  N. A. C.(Valley Vans), AND Advantage Outfitters